The Rev's Story

The Reverend Deadeye is the Reverend’s son of a Reverend’s son. He spent his youth handlin’ snakes and performin’ at tent revivals alongside his Pentecostal family on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. This sacred musical heritage finds its way prominently into his performances. But don’t expect a Sunday mornin’ church service; instead, expect a Saturday night baptism with fire holy rollin’ revival.

When featuring his long-time collaborator, the enigmatic time-keeper and shuffle-inducer Brother Al on drums, the duo delivers greasy gospel interpretations and gritty trance blues with a garage sensibility, capable of turnin’ the whole joint into a spirit filled bar room revival. 

The Good Reverend recently recorded in Nashville, TN at Fry Pharmacy, an all analogue studio packed with notable vintage gear used on countless classic country and rock ‘n’ roll albums. The album features the many sides of the Rev’s repertoire, as well as his long-time collaborator Alex ‘Brother Al’ Hebert on drums. 

The good Reverend has also made forays into the film world, in the award winning Slowboat Film(DE) productions "The Folksinger"(2008) and the recent “Hard Soil”(2014), as well as "You Can't Take It With You When You Die!"(Nicolas Drolc, 2009).

The Rev's History